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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure used to create or correct eyebrows. This method uses a pen-like device with a disposable microblade attached to create natural, crisp strokes which will help rival the look of real eyebrows. With each stroke I deposit a small amount of ink into the epidermis layer of your skin. Refer to the microblading section for more information.


Will it look natural?

Yes! That is the beauty of the microblading technique. Your brows can look as natural as you’d like them to. This technique allows me to create very real looking hair like strokes. It will be hard for people to differentiate the tattoo strokes and your hair.


Please note: if you do not have any eyebrow hair the look will be more 2-dimensional compared to someone who does have hair.


What are the advantages to permanent makeup?

There are so many advantages to having permanent makeup! Some include: Time saving – cuts down your morning routine. No more irritation to cosmetics – if you have problem skin or allergies to certain products you no longer have to worry about break outs. Convenience – wake up looking great and remain that way 24/7. Natural looking – will look as if you were born with fabulous brows. Will not sweat or smudge off – because that’s never a good look!


Who would benefit from permanent makeup?

Everyone - including hair loss patients, people with poor eyesight or shaky hands, people with allergies to cosmetic products, people who exercise or swim a lot and need sweat-proof/waterproof/budge-proof brows, or simply those who need to save time (business people, mothers, etc.).

Do I need a touch up?

It is extremely rare to achieve the desired results in just one appointment. That is why I offer each new client a complimentary touch-up session (which must be booked 6-10 weeks after the initial appointment). The initial session is about creating the shape/structure as well as building hair strokes. The touch-up is to examine how your skin healed and retained the pigment, as everyone heals differently. We can then discuss these results and make any necessary modifications to the colour, shape, volume, etc. Touch ups are highly recommended as well as necessary on an annual basis to keep your eyebrows looking fresh. If you require an additional touch-up after the complimentary touch-up, it will be charged accordingly.

How long does it last? Do I need more than one touch up?

As time goes on the tattoo will fade and the strokes will become softer and not as crisp/defined. The pigment is implanted into the epidermal layer of your skin which is constantly renewing and regenerating itself on a regular basis, which is partly why this procedure is semi-permanent. Your body will also absorb the pigment overtime, which is completely safe as our pigments are iron oxide based (note that fading is desired since the aging process can change your skin and facial structure). However, semi-permanent does not mean that your eyebrows won’t last. They will last and look great for as long as you maintain them. In order to maintain a fresh, crisp look, regular touch-ups are necessary. Without any touch-ups the ink can last 1-3 years. If you require an additional touch-up after the complimentary touch-up, it will be charged accordingly.


How often do I need a touch up?

The rate at which the tattoo will lighten and soften can vary and therefore I cannot say how long the tattoo will last for you or how often you will need touch-ups. Once the lines look noticeably muted or blurred and the color has gotten too light, it is time for a touch-up. Generally, I recommend a touch-up every 9-12 months to ensure the hair strokes remain crisp and you continue to have your desired shape and color. However, some clients may need touch-ups more frequently (i.e. people who don't accept and retain the pigment as well as others, people with oily skin, people who are in the sun often, etc.), whereas others may be able to wait longer.

Does it hurt?

Most people find the procedure to be uncomfortable rather than painful. People often say that microblading feels like a scratching on the skin or pulling of the hair (similar to having your eyebrows threaded). However, as everyone has a different pain tolerance it does depend on each individual. We do use a topical anesthetic to help numb the area before as well as during the procedure.


Please note that your skin will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.

How long does the procedure take?

Please allow three hours for the initial procedure. The planning & design stage tends to take the longest amount of time, not the actual tattooing itself. Also, the topical anaesthetic has to sit for 20-30 minutes. For a touch-up, please allow two hours.

What should I do to prepare for my procedure?

Read all of the information on our website carefully to ensure you are completely informed on the procedure and know exactly what to expect. Complete the online intake form as soon as possible (which will be emailed to you after booking) for me to review to ensure there are no conflicts/issues.

Things to avoid before the appointment

  • Blood thinners – Advil/Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Omega-3 Supplements, Vitamin E, Niacin (24 hours prior)

  • Skin thinners on brow area – glycolic acids, retinol acids, exfoliants, facials, skin treatments, peels, microdermabrasion (2 weeks prior)

  • Alcohol and caffeine (24 hours prior)

  • Sun tanning and tanning beds as this will affect the color of the pigment (4 weeks before the procedure)

  • Waxing, threading, plucking or tinting your eyebrows (72 hours prior to the procedure)

  • Botox (4 weeks prior)

  • Exercising the day of the procedure as this will open up your pores and affect the procedure

  • Accutane – can only perform the procedure after you’ve been off the prescription for one year

  • If you have any skin conditions/issues (blemishes, eczema, rash, sunburn, etc.) in the brow area, we will not be able to tattoo the area. Contact us and provide clear photos ASAP


What should I expect immediately after the procedure?

Right after you get them tattooed they will look dark, defined/crisp and slightly larger than what they will heal to. Your eyebrows and surrounding area may feel tender/achey immediately following the procedure and you may experience some redness and swelling. The feeling can be similar to that of a sunburn. This minimal discomfort should dissipate after a couple hours. See aftercare for more details.


What should I expect when my tattoo is healing?

As your eyebrow tattoo heals, the color will fade, the definition will soften and your tattoo will shrink in size slightly. You will likely experience itchiness as well as notice dry skin/scabs forming over the brow area. It is extremely important not to pick them off - let the dry skin and scabs fall off naturally. Picking can cause scarring, premature loss of pigment and even infection.


IMPORTANT: Once the scabbing phase is over you will notice that the color of the pigment may appear muted, which is because a layer of skin has grown over top of where the pigment was deposited. Some areas of your brows may appear sparse or even appear as if there are gaps in the tattoo/missing hair strokes. However, no need to worry as over the next several weeks the color will become more vibrant and hair strokes will reappear as your skin regenerates. Any sections that do not reappear can be touched-up. Read aftercare for more information.


What should I do after the procedure?

Aftercare is extremely important following your procedure. Please thoroughly read through our aftercare section prior to your appointment and follow it closely after each tattoo session.

Can I get my eyebrows wet?

It is very important to keep your eyebrows dry for at least 10 days (except when you are cleaning them). This can greatly affect how well your tattoo heals. If you keep them dry it will help prevent premature lifting of your scabs which can in turn lead to an infection, scar tissue, blurred lines and missing/uneven pigment.

Can I wear makeup?

You can wear makeup, just not on your eyebrows for at least two weeks. The reason being - the chemicals in makeup (and makeup removers) can alter the color of the pigment as well as affect the healing process. If you do choose to wear makeup on the rest of your face, be extremely careful when removing it as you do not want to expose your new brows to the chemicals in the remover.


How long does it take to heal?

The healing process can take up to 6 weeks for the skin to fully regenerate, however you can resume your regular activities and skincare routine sooner. See aftercare for more details.

What pigments do you use?

We use iron oxide pigments which are completely safe. The pigment fades over time as your body will slowly absorb it. Fading is desired since the aging process can change your skin and facial structure. If you are iron deficient or anemic, the pigment deposited into your skin will fade sooner as the iron oxide will be naturally absorbed by your body at a quicker rate.


What is your sterilization/sanitization process?

Cleanliness and sterilization is extremely important to me. Hospital grade sterilization of the entire room is completed between each client. Everything I use is packaged & of one-time use which is disposed of immediately after the procedure. Some artists choose to sterilize and re-use their tool, but I take the extra precaution and use a brand new tool for each client. I wear gloves and a mask during the procedure which are also disposed of after each client. I take pride in ensuring that my clients receive quality service, in a safe, sterile environment.


Can I bring a friend to the appointment?

You can absolutely bring a friend. However, make sure they have something to keep them busy for the 3 hours as they will have to stay in the waiting area during the procedure (except during the numbing phase). Due to limited space in the room as well as us wanting to give our 100% attention and focus to you - we cannot allow guests into the procedure room.


What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 72-hour cancellation policy. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, but do not provide a minimum of 72-hours notice, a late cancellation fee of $50 will apply and your deposit will be deemed non-refundable and non-transferable. Please contact us ASAP if you are going to be late. If you arrive 15+ minutes later, it will likely result in a cancellation of your appointment and a $50 late cancellation fee will apply and your deposit will be deemed non-refundable and non-transferable. Missed appointments will result in a late cancellation fee of $50 and your deposit will be deemed non-refundable and non-transferable. A new deposit will be required if you choose to make a new booking.

Please visit out pricing page to view all of our policies.

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